about us

An exclusive series of aluminum rims offered by the X brand is an offer for demanding users looking for unique design and high quality.

A more than dozen eye-catching rim models in sizes from 15 to 20″ means that nothing will be the same again until you give your car to the dominion of number 79.

Magic of numbers

Seven is the number of fulfillment and completeness, while Nine is the number of perfection. The combination of seven and nine, 79, is the atomic number of gold. As a result, X rims are an excellent and refined product that has a chance to become your treasure.


Aluminum X rims create a design with a high aesthetic value. Effective, original designs, a variety of finishes and colors will make X rims enchant many fans of motorization. Rim finishing is what gives it the final touch and determines the visual perception. That is why designers of X rims make sure that the final result surprises with its artistry and sophistication.

Certified quality

Proven raw materials, modern technology and rigorous control at every production stage guarantee rim performance that is distinguished by above-average quality. As a result, X rims have been certified JWL and VIA.

TPMS Ready

The rims are ready to use direct pressure sensors of the TPMS system responsible for monitoring tire pressure. Their design allows for trouble-free installation of virtually any sensor mounted on the valve.